Does the Feedlink Squonker mod have protective features?

Yes it has. 1)Automatic cutoff: The continuous fire time is 10 seconds ,after 10 seconds of continuous firing the mod will stop firing and the LED light under the fire button will flash 10 times. 2)Short circuit protection: When the mod detects a short, the LED light will flash 4 times 3)Over discharge protection: When […]

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How can I know the battery level?

When the battery level is above 3.8V, the LED light will be blue only, when the battery level is between 3.5V and 3.8V, the light will be a mixed color of blue and orange; the orange light means the battery level is below 3.5V.

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How can I install the 18650 battery?

1) Invert the Feedlink mod and unscrew the battery cap. 2) Insert an 18650 battery into the battery compartment with positive end pointing down and negative end pointing up. 3) Screw the battery cap back onto the mod. Note: 1)Please use single 18650 high rate discharge battery(above 35A) 2)Please don’t over tight the battery cap

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How can I install the silicone e-liquid bottle?

1) Lightly push in the bottle securing cap at the bottom of the mod. 2) Then twist counter-clockwise direction to remove the securing cap. 3) Insert a new silicone e-juice bottle into the plastic carrier frame, reinsert the frame into the mod then push the knob and twist clockwise direction to secure.

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